Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Best Dressed!

So I bought these outfits for Easter Sunday but they didn't come in time and then we had Stake conference. They finally wore them this last Sunday. I have adorable boys.

Grandma Flahaut made a pinata for Hagen for easter. He has never done one but he figured it out with no problems. Thanks G-ma, that was fun!

The Hunt

Do you notice his raspy voice? He had a cold and me and Shane loved the way he talked. It was so cute.


We had a fun day on easter. Shane was supposed to work and a couple days before his shift was changed and he got it off. Hagen loved looking for the eggs and didn't want it to end.

Monday, April 27, 2009

ta da!

We live in a corner house with a playground right behind it. But Shane's favorite part are the California Quail that are every where.

Home sweet Home

I am kinda embarrassed. The house looks a mess. I love it though. We definitely downsized but we are adjusting. It is hard to tell exactly how it is layed out but it is actually nice.

Mt Home Idaho

Ok here is what a lot of people have been requesting. Here are pics of our new house. I took them while we were moving in so none of the decorations are up and a few things have made home else where.

Fire Station

We took a trip to the firestation on Malmstrom AFB and Hagen talked about the "Big Truck" for a long time.

Hittin' the lanes

We went bowling a few times during Shane's time off when he got home. We went once with our friends the Colemans. Shar, Dan, Blake, and Spencer. We sure do miss them.

The 80's

We attended a friends 30th birthday party. The theme was the 80's and we went roller skating. It was a blast. I am glad i was born then and didn't have to dress like this everyday.

Shane is home!

Shane got home on Valentines Day! We love having him home. Jensen took right to him and especially his hat. Hagen would not let him leave his side, not even to go to sleep. Shane had to sleep with Hagen until he fell asleep for the first week or so. The day Shane got home Hagen cried when Shane went to the bathroom cuz he didn't want his daddy to leave again.

Happy real 1st Birthday!

Ok so i posted them backwards but this is Jensen's actual birthday. We celebrated it with dad and the Doyles. Jensen was in a lot better mood and as you can see loved the cake. He wouldn't even touch the cake at his first party.

Early party!

Jensen's early birthday party. We had it planned for on his birthday and then we found out that Shane was coming home early, so we celebrated Jensen's birthday early with his cousins. His party was postponed cuz we were at the doctor's office. I don't know what it is but my kids are always sick and it always ends with an ear infection. He left his party early to take a nap.

Little Stud!

What more can be said?

Christmas Day

I was going to put some pictures of Christmas morning but they won't upload. We had a pretty good Christmas. We sure missed Shane. It just wasn't the same.

More of Christmas Eve

Yea i got my wheat grinder!!!! Every girl's dream! I love it! If i don't say so myself, I am getting pretty good at making home made bread.

Christmas Eve

Hagen was always so quick to help Jensen open his presents. The only reason why he wasn't helping on that present is cuz he was opening his own. Did you know my son is obsessed with guns? That face is perfect! At my parents it is tradition to play the chimes on Christmas Eve. The kids love it but the parents aren't so crazy about that tradition.

My Jensen!

These are just a few of my favorite pics of Jensen. He is such a character. Hagen got the headphones for his birthday and Jensen thought he was so cool wearing them. How can you look at that little face and not fall in love?

Playing in the snow

Hagen loves to play in the snow. What kid doesn't?

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