Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Monday, May 31, 2010

BOYS will be BOYS!

So some moments with 2 year olds can't be caught on a camera but it is worth remembering. Jensen was outside playing this morning and I heard him coming in saying "I got poos". I went to meet him and the first thing I saw was a naked boy. Then I looked down and in one hand was a diaper and in the other was something brown. The first thing I thought was I hope that is dirt. ( how often do you wish your child is bringing a handful of dirt in the house) No such luck.. yep, in his hand was what should be in his diaper. GROSS!!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Guns for Sale!

This morning Hagen called me into the kitchen. When I got there he told me he has a gun store and asked if I wanted to buy a gun. He makes me laugh!

Boise Zoo!

On Wednesday we went to the zoo with Hagen's Joy school. The boys were so perfect we all had so much fun! I love my boys. We are making it without Shane...so far. Oh he is in Canada. He will be gone for 35 days! We love the military life!

Game Day!

Uncle Kyle came into town one weekend to have a guys weekend. He came to Hagen's game and Hagen was so excited he was there. The next Saturday at his game he was disappointed Uncle Kyle wasn't there. They went fishing the rest of the day. Hagen is always talking about him and loves him!

Spring Soccer!

Hagen played soccer for the first time this spring. He had a lot of fun. He had a tendency to find animals in the clouds and he was really good at making it look like the other team pushed him down and he couldn't get up but it was fun. Shane enjoyed coaching his little team!

Bunny came early

Shane had to go to Silver Flag training over Easter so The bunny came early! Hagen got a new set of golf clubs and has had a blast going golfing with dad. He thinks he is so big and cool carrying his clubs!

Easter at Grandma and Grandpa's

Coloring egges and the Hunt! I just had to include this cute pic I took of my niece. Isn't she so adorable?


Shane was gone for Easter so we went to Utah. Fun times!

Friday, April 23, 2010

How did you celebrate Earth Day?

Yesterday my friend had an idea for some pictures to take for earth day to put on her blog...she is a photographer. She called me up about 9pm last night and wanted me to come help her out. We had a blast taking pics and getting all dressed up. I am tired today but it was worth it. Here is a peak at what we did. Check out her blog for more... www.brandijophotography.net

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