Thursday, June 4, 2009

What does the "A" say?

So Hagen loves the movie The Letter Factory. He watched it pretty much the whole time in the car my last trip to and from Utah. Therefore, Jensen gets to watch it also. When my 15month old knows the show by heart then maybe they have seen it to much. He hasn't said his first word yet, just his first sentence. Enjoy! (I do)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Memorial Day

We visited the graves on Memorial Day, it was nice I haven't done that since High School. Hagen fell asleep on the way and I put him down thinking he would wake up and he stayed asleep. Yea, he is really asleep in that pic. Silly boy!


Can anyone guess what Jensen did while mom and dad were gone? Yep, finally at 15mos he started walking. The little turkey. I have no pictures or videos, grandma Flahaut was put in charge of that. I have yet to see them all. They did text me a video while i was gone.

Ferry Ride

We took a Ferry ride. You might think it is for kids but i had fun. We had about 45 min on the island before the ferry went back so we found shells and crabs and even a starfish on the beach. I think I liked it more than the kids. It's not everyday you see the ocean.

Pike's Market

We went to the market and had a blast. There were tulips everywhere. And it smelled fishy.

Sight seeing

We went down to beach that is like 5 minutes from my sisters house. We walked along the boardwalk and found shells on the shore. The park is a huge park with a little lake right next to it. So fun. It made me wish for just a sec that my kids were there.

Blessing Day!

Avry was blessed the next day. She was a pro! She looks so much like my sister don't ya think?

Seattle was so fun!

I went to Seattle the beginning of May for Mauri's baptism and To see my newest niece, Avry Jo get blessed. She was two weeks old when we got there and so tiny and cute. These pics are of Mauri on her baptism day and of my sister Kami's family. Mauri asked me to give a talk on Baptism. It was so fun to be there with her.

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