Thursday, September 25, 2008


OK, I know it has been a whole month and I have had requests of knowing what is going on in our lives and where we are. Shane left Monday the 15th and is now in Kuwait. He works the night shift at the fitness center there. That is exactly the job and shift he wanted. His living conditions aren't to bad and I get to talk to him with our web cameras everynight. I love technology! Me and the boys are in Utah. We packed up our house in Montana and just found out we won't be living there anymore. Shane got orders to go to Mountain Home AFB. It is close to Boise ID. We are excited to move closer to our families. We will move there when Shane gets back in Feb. As a side note, Shane took my camera with him and I ordered a new one and am waiting for it to come. It drives me crazy not having a camera. I feel like I am missing out on Jensen growing up.

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