Friday, October 17, 2008


If anyone happens to check this today or tomorrow, I am having a Scentsy party at my parents house on Sat the 18th at 6pm. Wear pink and get a prize. Our theme is Breast Cancer Awareness. Cuz it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Come and have fun and visit. It will be a great girls night out!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


OK, I know it has been a whole month and I have had requests of knowing what is going on in our lives and where we are. Shane left Monday the 15th and is now in Kuwait. He works the night shift at the fitness center there. That is exactly the job and shift he wanted. His living conditions aren't to bad and I get to talk to him with our web cameras everynight. I love technology! Me and the boys are in Utah. We packed up our house in Montana and just found out we won't be living there anymore. Shane got orders to go to Mountain Home AFB. It is close to Boise ID. We are excited to move closer to our families. We will move there when Shane gets back in Feb. As a side note, Shane took my camera with him and I ordered a new one and am waiting for it to come. It drives me crazy not having a camera. I feel like I am missing out on Jensen growing up.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

What was that

Not so sure about the whole food thing.
Happy inbetween.

I fed Jensen rice cereal today. He is getting big way to fast. He did pretty good. This video was at the end and he was getting done. Did you notice that I am the one taking the video. Can I multitask or what?

Getting Dressed

After I cahnged Hagen's diaper yesterday he put his pants on by himself and was so proud of himself. I was laughing so hard cuz he didn't mind having them like that. He left them all morning.

Moving Time

It's moving time. Hagen had so much fun when we brought the boxes home. It brought him hours of fun! I was a little worried about finding boxes but that was put to rest quickly cuz we just got a ton of new families in the ward and they were all more that willing to get rid of their boxes.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

At The Pool

I just love my baby. He is so fun. I can't believe how happy he is All the time.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Floating the River

We all went to my parents property in Lave Hot Springs. We went floating down the river. The kids had so much fun... Ok, we all had so much fun!


Kickin' back enjoying the parade!
My Boys!

We went to the Roy days parade while we were home. We had a lot of fun. After a while Hagen was done getting candy and just wanted to hang out and eat it.

My little garden

I just wanted to share my garden all in bloom. When we moved here there was nothing there. I am pretty proud of the work we have done and am sad to leave it:(

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

So Frustrating

I was watching my friends kids the other day. Hagen and her daughter Katie were playing and laughing loud and Jensen did not like it. He kept yelling back at them.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

For those that don't know, Shane will be deploying again in Sept. He is going to Kuwait. He will be gone for 5 months but they told him there is a good possibility that it will get extended while he is there. I am going home (Utah) to stay with my family while he is gone. I created this blog mostly so we can stay in touch while he is gone. You might think I am sending every picture I take and that is probably the case. Shane likes to see new pictures everyday while he is gone. He used to get on me all the time for not sending them fast enough last time. I will do my best this time, so I hope you don't get sick of all the silly things I post.


I know, not my favorite thing either. At least they look good doing it.

Children's Museum

Jensen wasn't so sure about sticking his face through the hole but he didn't mind the horse.

Children's Museum

We went to the Childrens museum last week. Hagen loved the Little log cabin. Every time I tried to take a picture he went into the cabin and smiled. The Museum was kindof ghetto, but Hagen had a lot of fun.

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