Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Let's take a walk down memory lane for just a second...
Hagen at age two...
2 years later... almost to the day...

I wonder who that is...

Go figure...

So guess where we were on Saturday night... if you can't tell, those are stiches. 4 to be exact. Little turkey! He was supposed to be in bed after a very naughty day and snuck out to get a drink in the bathroom and then we heard a boom and then screaming. I went running and saw the wound before it started bleeding and thought it would need stiches. He slipped while getting a drink. He pulls himself up on the counter and I think he missed the step stool trying to get down and bumped his chin and bit his tongue on both sides and in the front. His tongue bled the most. He is only 4 and has had stiches twice. This time he did so much better than the last. He cried when they numbed it but then he fell asleep while they put in the stitches and didn't wake up til the morning. Can you buy suture kits at Walmart?

New Car!!! I mean Van!!!

So the day after Christmas we bought a new vehicle. I was just going to post some pictures and then realized I haven't taken any yet. Who does that? So I'll tell you about it and then pics will come later.

We bought a tan 2009 Toyota Sienna. It is everything I wanted except it's a van. We were looking at crossovers first but they were so little inside. I finally decided that I would be ok with a van. It is true you don't feel like you are driving one when you are in it. Shane let me choose exactly what I wanted. It kinda stunk cuz if you know me you know I'm not good with decisions. I finally made him tell me what to get. We make a good team! We are very pleased with our purchase!!! I would have to say that was definately the biggest check I have ever written. We saved for so long and then, BOOM! it's gone. I love it though! It is an 8 passenger and has auto doors and I mentioned it is tan. That was mostly my criteria in finding a van. I don't know why it had to be an 8 passenger, I have no intention of ever filling it but just knowing I could get it, i wanted it!

Christmas 09

So Hagen got this military gun set. I knew he would love the guns but didn't know if he would play with the rest of it. Turns out the little grenades(how do you spell that?) were a big hit. He had our whole house blown up within a few hours. (don't judge us...we are in the military)
This was his face every time I handed him a new present. He had so much fun!

We had a wonderful Christmas! We stayed home this year and loved it. We hung out with our friends quite a bit and the boys loved Christmas day!

Hagen is 4!

We went to chuckecheese for his birthday. He loves it there. I swear this kid lives to play games. His bday was on a wednesday and that is when we opened presents and I made his cake, don't make fun. It was all I could come up with. He wanted Spiderman so I used black halloween sprinkles to decorate it. (I had no car, Shane was at work and mine is totaled) He loved it! Then Saturday we went to chuck e cheesin'. That is what Hagen calls it. My mom and Karla, Jastin, and Jenner surprised us on thursday so we had so much fun!


Our first snow storm we had I decided we would venture to Boise. Hagen had an appt to get his 4yr pics taken and we needed to do some angel tree shopping. It snowed all morning and then the roads were clear as we made our way to boise. When we were almost there the roads got worse and worse. We slowed quite a bit. Then a car spun out (literally doing donuughts) on the freeway. When we went to slow down we couldn't and slide right into the car next to us. It was the scariest thing that had ever happened to us. As you can tell our car was totaled. I was pretty bummed cuz I really loved our CRV. We did come out on top cuz we got way more than what Kelly blue book told us our car was worth.

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